We believe "ACO" also stands for "Accountable Communication Organization."
Do you know the "trust quotient" of your healthcare organization?
As patients become more empowered, having a powerful brand will be even more crucial.
What will more technology in the hands of patients mean to you?
Your healthcare organization isn’t a commodity. Your marketing shouldn’t be either.
Proactive public relations can help reduce "defensive medicine."
How do you address the "infectious" nature of social media?
What will a world in which patients access their own health care data mean for you?
Are you ready for the consumer-driven healthcare revolution?
A well-planned marketing program is like preventive medicine.
You care about your patients but why should anyone care about your marketing?

Healthcare marketing isn’t brain surgery… or is it?

At HRB Health, we know how complex the healthcare industry can be. There are regulatory issues, privacy concerns and evolving technologies… all converging toward a more empowered consumer. That’s why you need a marketing partner experienced in how people connect with brands. A partner smart enough to craft the right message for the right channel at the right time. …and we’ll do it without a scalpel.

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